Michael Stoll, VP of Technical Sales & Marketing at Aeroturn LLC was interviewed by Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® and discusses how having the right turnstile solution deployed makes a difference in providing safety and security for public and private buildings. Specializing in securing entryways with zero-maintenance turnstiles, Aeroturn offers all the traditional turnstiles plus customized perimeter protection solutions. The flagship product discussed in the video includes the optical glass portal turnstile with a translating hinge. This increases throughput and allows a much higher level of safety with taller and heavier glass. The turnstiles have a 10-year average between failures, which is 100 times greater than any other company. The company also offers a 5-year zero maintenance warranty; a 10M cycle guarantee; and 20-year service life. “Our mission is to keep people safe and secure at their facility or venue. In order to do that, you have to have the best, most secure, reliable turnstile out there. We do that with superior design and manufacturing. In school settings, we have the ability, to carry a full-height piece of framed entry glass. A threat may come against our barriers, but there is no lethal velocity of anything getting through,” says Stoll. The future is bright when it comes to turnstile solutions and Aeroturn is moving towards integrating artificial intelligence into their designs for stronger, automated protection. Known for their superior protection in design, the company has won numerous awards for having the best turnstile solutions hit the market and has no plans of slowing down. Viewers will learn what to look for when researching turnstile manufacturers and how to find the best solution to secure their perimeters and control access at all entrance ways. For further information visit, www.aeroturn.com.

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Mike Euper


Great interview and a far superior product then what is out there.

All the best,

Mike Euper