Need an affordable, upgradeable alternative for cable certification? The changing landscape of enterprise cabling demands more from the test equipment you rely on.

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Lisa Schwartz

Hey gang! Check our our Straight-Talk Blog – CAT6A Certification Testing: When Seconds Matter!

Managing time on any cable install project can be a challenge. For large CAT6A installs, it can prove especially difficult. The added time and effort required to run CAT6A cable can eat into profits. Thus, you should always be on the lookout for ways to recoup those hours. 

Lisa Schwartz, Dir. Product Marketing AEM

Lisa Schwartz

I hear Sleigh Bells!!

We have great year-end promotions running that will keep some jingle jangle in your pocket while expanding your testing capability at the same time!

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Lisa Schwartz

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)…. It’s quickly becoming a hot topic and Patrick even spoke to it in his Product Demo Days introduction. If you would like to learn more and earn a BICSI CEC credit, check out our on-demand webinars.

One Product Demo Days are over, Click Here to go to AEM’s BrightTALK channel to learn and earn continuing education credits.

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Lisa Schwartz
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Shankar Raju S M

Is this product available in India. If yes, who is the dealer.
Does the equipment is also capable of finding the cable fault with approx. distance from the test point.

Steve Cowles

Hello Shankar, thank you for your interest. Yes, our products are available in India, you will be contacted shortly by email with details on where to purchase. TestPro will precisely locate distance to a fault, including a shield fault with TDR location to pinpoint the fault. Distance from faults on pairs or shield is presented with distance from both the main unit and the remote unit respectively, so it is immediately intuitive as to the location of the fault to the technician on either the remote end or the main end.