Continuing our series on understanding the SOSA Technical Standard, this webinar will address why network interconnections are so fundamental to the interoperability of modules and successful system-level implementation.

Technology changes enable greater functionality but also affects which communications protocols must be used for in-band and out-of-band communications. It also impacts interoperability between boards within a system as well as between chassis.

The webinar will address what the network planes are in a defined backplane topology, why network interconnects are so important and how they address application requirements. The difference between the definition of module in the SOSA standard and VITA will be covered, and how it facilitates interoperability from module to module, module to chassis, and chassis to chassis. You will hear examples showcasing how Ethernet switches enable successful communications and how payload cards take advantage of the different protocols and RF and optical transceivers, to more successfully implement and synchronize network applications.

More information about the SOSA standard:

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This 45 minute webinar was so full of information, there was 25 minutes worth of Q&A after!