Video-based sensors are the future of vibration monitoring as they allow for full field vibration and unprecedented amounts of vibration data. Motion Amplification enhances the video to show motion invisible to the human eye offering a simple overall understanding of the data. In addition to real time visualization, it also features in depth analysis like Transient Motion Tracking, Motion Vectors, Colorized Motion Maps, Frequency-Based Filtering, and Calibrated Displacement Measurements.

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Calvin Holt


Steve Obrien

I have used this technology several times to solve challenging vibration problems. Do you know that if you reduce vibration by 20% you double the life of your bearings? You dont have to be a vibration whiz to use this technology. There are practitioners who can do it for you. Thats a great way to start, prove its value then you have in house use cases to prove its worth.

Russel Thomas

Considering Tribology as a course at the Technical schools in my home country(Ghana). Since my introduction to RDI, I believe Motion Amplification can be a better choice.