Radiant Vision Systems provides a comprehensive hardware/software solution designed evaluate displays by replicating the viewing parameters within AR/VR headsets. See how a high-resolution imaging colorimeter paired with Radiant's AR/VR Lens (https://www.radiantvisionsystems.com/products/arvr-lens) and TT-ARVR™ Software enables rapid, automated visual inspection of displays within AR/VR headsets. Using this solution, all visual display characteristics can be tested simultaneously in a single image capturing up to 120° H by 80° V field of view.

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Won Jongpil

How it evalutate MTF test? Any function in program or just display image?

Shaina Warner

Hello Won – Thanks for the question. We have seveal MTF analyses as part of our accompanying TT-ARVR inspection software:

  • MTF Line Pair
  • MTF LSF (Line Spread Function)
  • MTF Slant Edge (based on ISO 12233)

These tests utilize test images specific to MTF evaluation in the headset. A full test suite can be found at the TT-ARVR page on our website: https://www.radiantvisionsystems.com/products/application-software/tt-arvr-display-test-module

I’m happy to provide additional info, or get you in touch with someone who can go into more detail on specific applications. Just let me know! Thanks.

Shaina Warner
Creative Marketing Specialist
Radiant Vision Systems