How an EO Imaging Lens is Made

Imaging lens assemblies are vital components for a wide range of cutting edge applications including machine vision, biomedical instruments, factory automation, and robotics. This video shows the entire manufacturing process for an imaging lens assembly including design, the manufacturing of the individual lens elements, assembly, […]

Ruggedized Imaging Lenses

Edmund Optics® manufactures several different types of ruggedized imaging lens assemblies. Stability Ruggedized lenses feature a 50G shock rating and have all individual lens elements glued in place to maintain optical pointing stability throughout shock and vibration. Ingress Protection Ruggedized Lenses are sealed, protecting them […]

Demo: AR/VR Display Testing in Headset

Radiant Vision Systems provides a comprehensive hardware/software solution designed evaluate displays by replicating the viewing parameters within AR/VR headsets. See how a high-resolution imaging colorimeter paired with Radiant’s AR/VR Lens ( and TT-ARVR™ Software enables rapid, automated visual inspection of displays within AR/VR headsets. Using […]

Liquid Lens M12 Imaging Lenses

The TECHSPEC® Liquid Lens M12 Imaging Lenses from Edmund Optics® integrate a liquid lens into a compact, high-resolution optical design for electronic working distance adjustment. This results in an easy-to-use quick autofocus solution and high image quality. To learn more and view lens options, visit […]

Demo: Automated Display Test Solution

Radiant Vision Systems provides leading display test solutions for labs and production lines, with thousands of cameras testing millions of devices worldwide. Combining a high-resolution, highly efficient ProMetric® imaging system ( and TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software, manufacturers of displays can realize a comprehensive hardware/software […]

The Dawn of Machine Learning and AI

Applications like high-speed automation, defect detection and prevention, and image recognition all work in an ecosystem where machines are becoming more and more like humans in their capabilities – only faster and more accurate. Computer vision itself now has both vision technology and cognitive machine-learning […]

Machine vision’s hottest technologies: How much are they used, how, and by whom?

To help identify key design trends in machine vision, we launched the Solutions in Vision 2020 global audience survey. Taken by 320 machine vision professionals, the survey and article helps shed a light on how much our audience uses the following hot-topic technologies: deep learning, multispectral/hyperspectral, polarization, […]