Nichia’s Single LES Tunable White Series Technology

Nichia’s Tunable White Series enables creative design potential for tunable light. By controlling the light emission within a single package, Nichia’s Tunable White series solves existing geometric & optical design challenges, enabling manufacturers to easily produce small color tunable & color selectable fixtures.

Bridgelux Human Centric Lighting Solutions

Experience the next wave of lighting innovation. New solutions from Bridgelux enable lighting manufacturers to rapidly develop products to satisfy the growing market demand for connected, smart, human centric lighting. Combining Vesta® ThriveTM natural spectrum tunable white light sources and Vesta Flex drivers and controls […]

OL 459 Tunable Light Standard

The OL 459 Tunable Light Standard is a NIST-traceable radiance/luminance calibration standard ideal for such applications as camera/image sensor calibration, diagnostic medical imaging, and technical/industrial photography. A 6-inch diameter integrating sphere and display panel are used to monitor and adjust the driving current and luminance […]

Samsung Relaxing Lighting Solutions

Allows Faster Recharge by Providing Quality Rest and SleepBy lowering the 480 nm wavelength, our technology boosts melatonin secretion up to 5%. This leads to improved relaxation and sleep. Clinical test results proved that participants felt more relaxed and were able to reach deep sleep […]

High Resolution Spectral Reproduction

Spectra-UT Sources can reproduce complex spectral features with a precision that enables high-resolution simulation of standard illuminants as well as natural or synthetic sources and emissions. This is a uniform light source that can be adapted to optical light guides and collimators for remote sample spectral illumination. […]

Welcome to LEDs Product Demo Days

Having already experienced a challenging 2019 in the LEDs and lighting sector, hopes were high for a more positive 2020. LEDs Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Maury Wright, reflects on the factors that have impacted the industry this year and reveals how tough times sometimes provide new opportunities […]

MetroSpec’s Complete Lineup of Innovative FlexRad LED Light Source Technologies

MetroSpec Technology® produces FlexRad® high intensity LED light circuits exclusively for light fixture manufacturers needing the best efficiency, highest reliability, and most cost-effective solutions. Flexible and customizable to any shape and size, our field-proven, patented LED light engines are easily installed. High quality FlexRad is […]

Combined spectrometer and imaging solutions for optical VIS-NIR measurement

With its comprehensive LumiTop portfolio, Instrument Systems GmbH offers fast, highly precise and accurate solutions for display production testing: spectral optical properties, AR/VR eye-box measurement, µLED wafer testing and (sub)pixel analysis.The new VCSEL testing portfolio covers single shot spatial measurements in the near and far […]

Laser Power Measurement Systems

Labsphere’s Pulsed Laser Power Measurement Systems assure an accurate, reproducible method of determining the total power from a collimated or divergent laser or laser diode. Specifically designed for laser applications, the spheres are ideal for measuring the total power of a beam of optical radiance.