The new FTTH network ePlanner

At CommScope, we know that networks aren’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why we created our FTTH Network ePlanner. Our skilled teams use the ePlanner to help you create the customized network that’s ready for the future you face. The ePlanner presents network design possibilities to help network […]

Turn the subscriber edge into the Revenue EDGE

The company with the best data and insights win. Imagine what you could do for your subscribers – and your bottom line – if you understood their needs and could provide them with tailored offers and services that are most valuable to their home lifestyles.A […]

Unique DWDM tools for fast, automated identification and certification of networks.

Automate DWDM link test to reduce activation/troubleshooting times and lower risk of equipment damage.Patented Wavescan feature automatically identifies channel(s) of a MUX port, in under 10 seconds, and completes OTDR certification of the link, ideal where labelling is wrong/missing.SFP Protect ensures any SFP/SPP+ connected at […]

CommScope Wireline Solution Overview

Technology advances are transforming how we communicate, work, and live. Wireline networks are at the epicenter of this transformation, providing broadband connectivity to subscribers, businesses, and cell sites. Working hand-in-hand with thousands of service providers for decades helps us understand how the evolution of each […]

Deliver home network protection that provides peace of mind with ProtectIQ™

ProtectIQ™ is a network-level security application that provides malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware packet inspection, and intrusion detection. It proactively monitors network traffic coming into your subscribers’ homes, automatically blocking anything that looks suspicious. Installed inside a Calix BLAST system, ProtectIQ is the optimal […]