GNAT Pro is a robust and flexible Ada, C and C++ development environment. It comprises a toolchain based on the GNU GCC technology; an Integrated Development Environment (GNAT Studio); a comprehensive toolsuite, including a visual debugger; and a set of libraries, bindings and tools.GNAT Pro […]


SPARK Pro is a language and toolset that allows developers to formally define and automatically verify software requirements to guarantee that a program behaves as intended. You can adopt SPARK either at the beginning of a project, or by progressively integrating it in an existing […]

Reel Times – PT-O47

PT-047 is a compact, phase stable, highly flexible, micro coaxial cable. Originally designed for space flight applications, this high-performance cable easily accommodates densely packed in-the-box applications.

Code Peer

The CodePeer Tool Suite is a set of static analysis tools for the Ada programming language designed to help developers, reviewers, and testers detect bugs and vulnerabilities in Ada code. The tool suite includes the CodePeer advanced static analysis tool, the GNATcheck coding standard checking […]

How the SOSA™ Technical Standard Implements Highly Standardized, Configurable and Interoperable Network Communications Protocols

Continuing our series on understanding the SOSA Technical Standard, this webinar will address why network interconnections are so fundamental to the interoperability of modules and successful system-level implementation. Technology changes enable greater functionality but also affects which communications protocols must be used for in-band and […]

UEI’s Linkage I/O & Avionics Solutions

UEI hardware is the simulator linkage I/O and avionics interfaces for a variety of mil-aero applications. We offer analog and digital linkage I/O, avionics and communications interface buses, as well as real-time Ethernet-based software interface.