Video Case Study: Correcting MicroLED Display Uniformity

Radiant Vision Systems is chosen by display innovators to improve the visual quality of emerging technologies like microLEDs. In this video, Jasper Display Corporation applies Radiant’s high-resolution ProMetric® imaging system ( for pixel measurement and uniformity correction (demura) of an augmented reality microLED microdisplay. The […]

Demo: AR/VR Display Testing in Headset

Radiant Vision Systems provides a comprehensive hardware/software solution designed evaluate displays by replicating the viewing parameters within AR/VR headsets. See how a high-resolution imaging colorimeter paired with Radiant’s AR/VR Lens ( and TT-ARVR™ Software enables rapid, automated visual inspection of displays within AR/VR headsets. Using […]

Demo: Automated Display Test Solution

Radiant Vision Systems provides leading display test solutions for labs and production lines, with thousands of cameras testing millions of devices worldwide. Combining a high-resolution, highly efficient ProMetric® imaging system ( and TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software, manufacturers of displays can realize a comprehensive hardware/software […]