Why Measure Your Laser Beam? Three Case Studies

Why does measuring your laser beam help you maintain quality processes? In this video, we explain the purpose of measuring your beam with three case studies in material processing: laser welding, a LASIK eye surgery device, and product testing. https://www.ophiropt.com/laser–measurement/knowledge-center/article/10278

VCSELs: How to Measure Their Power (Correctly)

Measuring VCSEL performance is absolutely critical in many applications, but it turns out to be quite tricky. Learn about the technical challenges you’ll face when trying to measure VCSEL beams and about the Ophir solutions that will help you overcome them. https://www.ophiropt.com/laser–measurement/applications/vcsel

Laser Measurement Solutions for Medical Applications

Laser measurement has widely spread in the treatment of patients as well as in the manufacturing of medical products and instrumentation. This video explains how Ophir laser measurement technology is used to improve patient outcomes in the production and use of leading-edge medical devices. https://www.ophiropt.com/laser–measurement/applications/medical

Pyrocam: Beam Measurement of IR and UV Lasers

See why the Spiricon Pyrocam pyroelectric camera is overwhelmingly the camera of choice for laser beam diagnostics of IR and UV lasers and high temperature thermal imaging. Designed for use in scientific research, industrial high power lasers, and military and defense applications. https://www.ophiropt.com/laser–measurement/beam-profilers/products/Beam-Profiling/Camera-Profiling-with-BeamGage/Pyrocam-IIIHR