Modern security reaches a new level of connection and control with two product innovations from Flex IO is an entirely new kind of sensor that's battery-operated, weatherproofed and works anywhere there's LTE coverage for virtually infinite range to monitor more of what matters. Next, the Touchless Video Doorbell uses advanced video intelligence to detect people and ring the doorbell, plus an exclusive touch-free experience that makes home visits and deliveries safer for all.

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Nicholas Custer

I think this may be the first time I’m seeing a cellular contact. It makes sense that this is the IoT future we’ve been hearing about.

The doorbell is neat. The touchless feature is probably using the AI to tell if it’s a person. I wonder how long it takes.

Last edited 10 months ago by Nicholas Custer
Christopher Basso

Thanks for your comments about our new products, Nicholas. For the Video Doorbell, our AI and edge computing identifies a person and rings the doorbell chime almost immediately once they are within a specified ground area where the doormat is.

Prabakaran Murugan

Flex IO – I wonder what the monthly subscription fee would be for an existing customer Vs New customer.

Christopher Basso

Local service providers can tell you about fees associated with adding Flex I/O. Thanks for your comment.

Jason Bell

I have a pet tracker with LTE and that runs $100 a year with just one item. Will these devices all have their own LTE plan or will there be a hub in place which allows many devices to work on one plan? I could not imagine have 40+ devices and having to pay for an LTE plan for each device.

Christopher Basso

No separate LTE plans necessary! Local service providers can tell you the monthly fees associated with having one or more Flex I/O devices active.